I Told You Zoey Is Crazy

   The other day I wrote a post about Zoey and her psychotic tendencies. Here is proof that the bunny purposely torments her! Sorry, I didn’t realize the video was sideways.

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I Told You Zoey Is Crazy


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  3. Too funny! I have a similar problem with my two lab dogs they lay at the front door in the house and wait for a possum to come onto the porch and then they go nuts. They trick me sometime and act like they just need to go tinkle so I open the door and total mania. They intimadate the poor thing but don’t hurt it because they know they would be in big trouble. They bad about bringing me babies. One time they brought me a baby deer.They don’t hurt them they just think I should have the poor little things.
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  4. Hi, following you now after discovering terrific tuesday. Looks like a great blog. Your video clip made me laugh. Feel free to check out my blog

  5. That is too funny!
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