BREAKING NEWS! Bin Laden Dead!

BREAKING NEWS! Bin Laden Dead!

Fox News Reports Bin Laden dead, yes DEAD! Tune in to Fox News or local news stations for statement from President!
* I have read in several places people congratulating President Obama, I hope people soon realize this was not the President’s doing, it was our US military, the military that Bush sent over there to accomplish this, I hope people don’t forget all the crap that the President has pulled when it comes time for re-election! 

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BREAKING NEWS! Bin Laden Dead!


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  1. I can’t believe they would be thanking President Obama. GrRRRRRR!
    Voting for your blog. Would you mind voting for mine. I am in a different category Homeschooling/Teaching

  2. completely agree.
    Thank God elections aren’t for months or you know people would be forgetting everything else, including the rising gas prices. UGH
    ps Glad our military was finally able to capture him! Thank God.

  3. Great news! I am your newest follower and would love a follow back at

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