Crazy Bats & Sneaky Bats in House

   Bats, Bats, Bats! UGH! I’m going to start by talking about the crazy bats of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. Everyone knows I have a deep hatred towards these (enter any and all cuss words possible here). To save everyone time I won’t go back into this rage filled rant, but those of you who are new or just haven’t read my previous post regarding Fred Phelps and the Westboro Church please read my previous post found HERE. Yesterday I logged onto my computer and started my daily routine of checking both my email accounts, twitter, facebook and a few of the games I play, then I usually head over to the blog to check on posts and my other friends, then I check out our local real estate listings to see whats new. However my routine was interrupted by a post on my facebook home page. The title read “Mississippi Town Destroys Westboro Baptist Plans” My curiosity was triggered immediately! I was delighted and laughing so loud while reading this article. That ridiculous church and the members were finally put in their place and given what they’ve had coming to them! The town of Brandon Mississippi stood up for what they believe! Please stop over to this site and read the following article. 

Mississippi Town Destroys Westboro Baptist Plans 

I want to finish this part of my post by clearly stating how happy I am that action was finally taken and I hope that others across the country follow in Brandon, Mississippi footsteps by blocking these morons from protesting any funerals in the future! I’m not promoting violence but to be honest if I came across them I have to admit I’d be the first to deck that asshole in the face and break a couple ribs…I’m just saying. 

Now for the second half of my bat post. Last night We were sitting around watching tv hanging out. I got up and slipped Balto’s leash around Veronica’s foot so I could say hi to Sherman. I walked away and jokingly said let’s hope he doesn’t jerk forward, twisting your leg and hurt you. Not 4 seconds later I hear a high pitched screech and rushed back in to find her trying like hell to get out of the living room, all the while she’s trying to spit out the words “…the…house” what? Seriously? Oh HELL! Apparently it flew into the foyer so I grabbed the flashlight and tried to figure out where it was, Sherman was so calm, finished his shower and got dressed in record time. Just as I was peeking into the foyer to assess the situation the thing started flying all around darting back and forth flying all around Veronica and I. Us girls were screaming and freaking out trying to get into the mud room and close the door but we were so upset we were falling all over each other tripping and scrambling. When we finally got in the room I turned around and slammed my head right into the corner of the treadmill. At this time I was in so much pain and laughing so hard we both damn near peed our pants. There was so much adrenaline coursing through us there was no chance of sleep anytime soon. Looking back I can’t believe what a pansy we were. Two tough girls acting like spoiled little princess’ . Oh well, what can I do. As we were watching and listening from our safe enclosure Sherman was battling the nasty little flying devil. At one point he armed himself with a broom and a BB gun. He also fell down a  couple stairs screeching like a girl but in the end he caught the bat and returned it outside. (probably going to be in a little trouble over the last sentence). 
Hope you all have a great Friday and an even better weekend. Hoping the weather is nice so we can get some pictures and some family fun in this weekend! ~Miranda~

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Crazy Bats & Sneaky Bats in House


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  1. Whoo Hoo for Mississippi! I get so fired up over
    these fools! No family should have to deal with this while they are grieving over the loss of a loved one. I come from a military family, so I am passionate when it comes to supporting our troops.
    Oh and the bat thing would freak me out!

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  3. Go Mississippi! I love it.

  4. That story made my day – like it said, what they’re doing may be legal but it sure as hell isn’t right. Hurray for this town making sure their serviceman was honoured in peace.
    And even tough girls don’t want to get a bat in the face! Ugh.

  5. Go Mississippi! And, we had bats in my house when I was a kid…Such a nuisance. We had to get so many cracks sealed off and stuff. Sorry that happened….

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  8. I’m with you ALL THE WAY in regards to F#@k’d up Fred. I hate that evil promoting bastard. (there, I hope I covered a couple of the words you’d like to say). I hope he rots in the hell that he puts families through.
    Other than that, thanks for stopping by the Tiki Hut.

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