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    Happy Wednesday! Sorry, I know it’s been awhile, but there really hasn’t been a lot going on in the Sherman household. The kids have been working real hard on school work around here so there has not been a lot of picture taking, shenanigans or other fun stories. There is a bit of excitement for me, for those of you that hate gloating parents, skip to the next paragraph, because I’m about to……ok, for those of you still with me, A couple proud moments for Chris & I. 1.Chris is not the only one in our house to be published, Leslie’s teacher submitted his poetry and it was selected to be published! YAY! We will be ordering one of the books and I am so proud of my boy! 2. Marissa presented her state report for her class at school and was the only one to receive a perfect score! She did amazing, the teacher was SO proud of her! She worked so hard on that report and she is very proud of herself and looks forward to doing more reports, YAY! 3. Veronica, WOW! This girl has improved like you wouldn’t believe! It seems like everyday she brings home a new fantastic grade! In fact there are 3 awesome papers hung up on my fridge right now! She is doing amazing in math! We still have to work on those science and social grades but I’m sure those will pick up quickly as well! 4. Zane is talking better and better everyday. His vocabulary has increased by more than 200 words alone in the past month! He is doing amazing. He still drops some of the ending sounds, but it is getting easier to understand him everyday! 5. Broden will be crawling by the end of May for sure! He is so close already, he just needs to get up on his knees. He already turns all around, rolls like crazy and almost army crawls across the floor. It won’t be long and he will be moving like crazy, time to buy those gates for sure! Ok, I’m done with my gloating, proud moments!
    Well spring is fighting the good fight yet again. Yep, it’s snowing in Detroit Lakes. It seems to be melting the minute it hits the ground, but I do have some white fluffy flakes on my back deck. I love winter and I don’t mind that it’s snowing. However, my new stroller should be here today or tomorrow  so Mother Nature, please grant me this one request, after my stroller arrives and is assembled, please let Spring arrive with some beautiful days with sunshine and warm temps with very minimal wind, I really want to strap in the boys, leash up Balto and start my plan of walking around the lake! This weight needs to melt off just like all the snow and gloomy weather of winter! Now that I have gloated, pleaded with Mother Nature and told you about our very boring week, I need to get going, Broden is waking up and he is going to be hungry! I found some cool sites with fun stuff, if you’re still having some gloomy days, or are bored and looking to pass the time, check out some of these fun links!


  • If you like shock jock, these two radio hosts prank call Mr. Bergis over & over, very funny!

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Just for Fun!

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  7. Winters are not my favorite time of the year, but thankfully living in Knoxville TN ours are usually pretty mild. I’m glad spring is here and honestly,we’ve had some days more like summer.
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  9. You must be so proud of your kids! It’s great when all there hard work pays off!

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