Fevers Are Gone..But We’re Still Not In The Clear, Yet

Fevers Are Gone..But We’re Still Not In The Clear, Yet

   Well, this picture explains it all! The past week has been very exhausting! Monday and Tuesday I had to pull all nighters fighting Zane and Brodys fevers. It was very difficult to say the least! Then I started to get sick and I knew I was in for it. Sick Mom trying to care for sick kids, not exactly the best combo. Thankfully once I got sick Chris really stepped up and helped out a TON, well that is until Friday. OH Friday was horrible! CURSE you April Fools Day! I guess the prank was on me this year. Not sure if it was Karma, Murphy’s Law, or just plain bad luck but Friday was not funny! I had been fighting this illness crap with the boys and then myself for 5 whole days and I was so excited for Chris to come home from work on Friday. My plan was to get everyone settles in and then go upstairs and sleep until I was feeling better, or until 10 am when I needed to take Marissa and the rest of our Girl Scout troop to Whapeton for an event. As you can guess, NOPE, that didn’t happen. Around 3:45, fifteen minutes before Chris even gets off work I see his Supervisors SUV pull into my driveway and caught a glimpse of Chris’ back getting out of the passenger seat. I hurry to the door and as I rounded the corner, through the window I see Chris slump his head against the window and ring the bell, I instantly thought What the hell? I unlocked the door and swung it open only to hear Jeff say April Fools, and then I look at my Hubby to see him all wrapped up, doped up and in pain. What the HELL happened? He then went on to tell me the story of how my poor hubby threw his shoulder completely out while at work…on break…horseplaying…yes, that means no workmans comp! UGH! How he was brought to the ER and they cut his shirt off and how he narrowly escaped surgery when his shoulder popped back in after transferring from table to table for different X-rays. How he was nauseous from the pain and had to have an IV and morphine(which explained the doped up effect) and how he was so embarrassed! All of a sudden it clicked..Not only am I not going straight to bed to get over this damn cold crap..There’s no possible way I can go to Whapeton if Chris has only 1 arm to use, how could he possibly take care of baby Brody? He would need to change his diaper at some point, and we all know how difficult that can be sometimes with both hands let alone one, and I am sure at some point he would need to pick the little ham up…Crap! While this was still registering, my Mother calls to inform us she will be carrying Missy up the stairs into the house because she was hurt at school and couldn’t walk..OK seriously WTF? You’re telling me this day could get even worse..SHUT UP! Time Out, Karma, Murphy, Whoever is responsible for this misfortune BITE ME! Why are you doing this to me? I am a good person, Right? COME ON! Yep minutes later here comes my tiny Mom carrying my even smaller daughter up the sidewalk right over her shoulder, Missy’s butt and backpack in the air. Once inside the house I start to finally here HER story. Apparently Missy and Leslie were on their way to the car when some big fifth grader threw an ice chunk at Missy and hit her square in the back..of course in the very place she hurt herself the week before! She was instantly crying and in severe pain! OH my poor girl! It is probably best I wasn’t there, Lord knows the over protective Mom would have come out and I would have marched that little jackass right down to the office nagging his damn ear off the whole way! Yep, I would be the Mom to make a scene, I mean come on! Missy is tiny, she’s a 54 pound 4th grader and the third tallest in her classroom, that makes for one tiny, small stature individual to be hit by an ice chunk! Ok sorry, I’m rambling! Anyway, at that point I knew I needed to call my co-leader and explain the situation and how Missy and I will not be able to make this trip. I felt horrible, but seriously, what could I possibly do? UGH! I was wishing for bedtime to hurry up and come so the day would be done and nothing more could happen! HAHAHAHAHA, that damn Karma or Murphy laughed in my face yet again when Brodys fever spiked to a harsh 103.5..CRAAAAP! We got his temp down to 102.1 within 10 minutes, and 100.7 at 30 minutes, at which time I decided this was 6 days too many and it was time to see the DR. First thing Saturday morning I called the clinic and luckily our regular Dr. was on rotation! Turns out Brody and Zane both have double ear infections. He thinks Zane has something else on top of the ear infection but he didn’t want to poke around and torture the poor thing since he was putting him on antibiotics anyways. He does want to see him again in 4 weeks to make sure everything has cleared up and back to normal, which is fine, he needs his 3 year check up anyway! Then it was my turn, sinus infection..not what I thought it was but better! I was worried the three of us had streptLM Fleet to see the chicks and ducklings, Zane LOVED that! He picked out a snack and off we went to the pharmacy where they informed me it was still another 20 minutes, UGH! The mall was having the model plane and helicopter show so we walked around and looked at all the models and watched the guy fly his plane and helicopter, he had some pretty cool tricks and Zane was an awe! Then we went into the racing/hobby store. Some kids had the cars racing on the track and Zane loved it! Every time the car flew past him he startled a little bit, which was pretty cute! Of course he got to go on all the little quarter rides in the mall as well, when we circled back to the pharmacy, or stuff still wasn’t ready, at which point I formed the opinion that it was on purpose, hear me out, Have you ever noticed how long it takes to have a prescription filled, you stand or sit there watching these techs walking around taking their sweet time, I’m sure they noticed the snotty nosed, feverish kid with bags under his eyes that looks like a semi ran him over waiting for his medicine, but no, its all a scheme. I think they take that long so you get bored and antsy, leaving the counter to peruse the store and buy all that other junk they sell. Well sorry to break it to ya, I’m not buying! Give me my medicine so I can go home and get us sick ones off to bed! Sunday went great and now it’s Monday morning, Zane just woke up, time for breakfast and the battle of taking meds! So that being said, Happy Monday, hope everyone has a much better week than my last, and see you tomorrow!

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Fevers Are Gone..But We’re Still Not In The Clear, Yet


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  11. Oh my goodness! You’ve got some stamina!

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