If You Swear, I Will Follow You…..Funny Stuff Today!

If you have read my blog for more than a week you know I cuss like a dirty drunk sailor! 
I love randomly surfing through the internet and finding fellow bloggers that share my love of swearing! 
Just a note to my readers. If I stop by and your post has any type of swearing, tattoos or nudity I will follow you by EVERY available format.
Today I sat down, bored out of my mind and began to Stumble…found this and had to share immediately!

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  1. Shoot, and here I was trying to be all family-friendly.
    I mean…shit?

  2. so f@*ing funny!!

  3. Hilarious! I used to swear a lot more before my kids found my blog lol. We need a jar like that at work

  4. I have a TOTAL potty mouth IRL, but for some reason I have never been comfortable cursing in my writing. I can’t explain why.
    But, in that real life, I have worked hard to control my mouth since I have an impressionable young child in my care 24/7 now. The other day, I stubbed my toe and was proud of myself for only shouting “Son of a gun!” Then my 3yo corrected me, saying, “No, Mommy! Son of a bitch. BITCH!!!”

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