Bradley Cooper, Sexiest Man Alive..Dear Ryan Gosling, There’s a Reason You Lost!

People magazine announced their annual Sexiest Man Alive
Drum roll please…………………  

Bradley Cooper
  But wait…are we really surprised? I sure as hell am not! That man is one sexy bitch! Yummy!! 

Then I read somewhere that people are ticked off. They wanted Ryan Gosling to win..what? Are you crazy ass bitches out of your mind? I do not find him attractive AT all! He is no comparison what so ever. 
That shit is just fucking stupid.  So in honor of this years Sexiest Man here are some very drool worthy pictures for your pleasured enjoyment

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  1. I love him as People’s choice of sexy guy. He’s funny, he’s cute, he has a rockin body. I don’t see what the problem is there with Bradley. Good choice.

  2. Bradley has such a great smile. I’ve thought he was cure since he was on Alias.

  3. *cute

  4. Thanks for the eye candy!
    I’m a new follower

  5. I agree!! Bradley Cooper all the way!!!
    Here via the blog hop: HI!!

  6. Wow, I’ve never seen this guy before but what a hunky dude! Thanks for the pictures!

  7. This post is reason enough to start following your blog!

  8. Yummy picks. I’ll admit a love of Ryan Gosling (it’s disturbing but I LOVED Drive). But I wouldn’t toss Bradley out of bed either

  9. I don’t find either one of them particularly attractive. They seem like the generic sort of actors who can be mixed and matched in various films without standing out.
    Plus, how long has it been since People picked someone who wasn’t Caucasian? A little ethnic diversity would be nice. (A LOT of ethnic diversity would be great.)

  10. i like the guy and he good look

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