Quote of The Day 11/7/11

“Snoring is my body’s natural defense to not be sat on while sleeping”

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Miranda Sherman is a stay at home Mom of four & full time student majoring in Business Management & Marketing from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. She blogs about her crazy family of six & two dogs on her blog Minnesota Miranda, featuring book and product reviews, giveaways, news, parenting tips and advice, shopping, recipes, fashion, travel, deals and so much more.” Find me on Google+


  1. Hi, I’m from the pay it forward blog hop! I thought I would check out your blog because you have books in your title, which i love!
    This is a pretty funny quote, but I think I would be the kind of person to sit on someone just because they were snoring. It drives me nuts. lol.
    Aubrie Anne

  2. Hi, I am visiting your blog from the Tuesday blog hop and I am looking forward to your posts as I am a new GFC follower. (My husband snores, but I never have the heart to wake him when he does. You’d think after the years I would be used to it.) When you get a chance stop by http://inkelleyskitchen.blogspot.com for recipes, cooking, entertaining, food storage ideas &#038

  3. Stopping by to say Thanks for joining our blog hop, Love U! Still able to return everyone’s link and show a little love back. I think I left a comment last week also and will continue until the list gets too long. I know that everyone needs a little help no matter how big we get, the comments are still important. And yes, my husband snores and I can’t sleep most nights and end up sometimes on the couch! He has had surgery to try and help but it did not last long. Hope to see ya next week and hope the rest of this week is great for you.

  4. lmao haha! That’s funny! I personally do not snore, but man I hate the sound lol…new follower from blog hop, hope to see you stop by http://www.life-skills-guru.com

  5. LOL My fiancee snores like crazy, so loud in fact that I cannot sleep. I’m now a night owl lol.
    Following you from the Tuesday Train hop

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