Cheers For Shriver

  Well I usually try to avoid posting about major stories that EVERYONE is already talking about but this time I had to give a big thumbs up to Maria Shriver. I have read the stories about Arnold Schwarzenegger (weird that his name was in my spell check) and his infidelity and his secret love child.
At first I was like oh typical man, typical politician, typical movie star, but then I realized that with these titles people look up to him, not me, but I am sure there are people that do. In which case shouldn’t you carry yourself with higher morale? Shouldn’t you work to be the role model some see you as? Then I thought of a few other things, let me run them down for you,
   Role Model- when you think about all the supposed role models in todays society and who our children watch, listen and read about it is really shocking. Just this past weekend Sherman had to talk to MeMe about her music choices and that she is not to listen to Kesha anymore. He went through her songs and videos and while they are very catchy and you want to get up and dance, they meaning and innuendos are very sexual, pro drugs and alcohol, overall way to sexy for a ten year old. Same with Rihanna, her music is getting way more sexual and with her new release of S&M and recent reconciliation with her ex boyfriend Chris Brown she can’t be a role model anymore, at least not for my daughter. we all know Brittney Spears in NOT a role model, she lost that title after her 3rd single debuted. I usually am not a fan of her music but her latest song Till the World Ends, great song, makes you want to dance your ass off, but the video is so sexual there’s no way I can let Missy listen to that either. My point is there are so many music artists our kids hear on a day to day basis but how many parents are listening to the music and watching the videos. How many parents are letting their daughters shop for the same outfits these stars are wearing. Yet these very same parents wonder why their teenager is pregnant, or drinking and addicted to some sort of drug, skipping school etc. etc. etc. Then there’s the political side, some of our politicians are even worse then the music artists, we expect more from them and they look so trustworthy and they promise us the things we want to hear. Then we hear about infidelity, soliciting sex in bathrooms, drinking & driving, drug abuse etc. etc. etc. I feel they should be held to an even higher standard because they are the faces of America and they run around contradicting themselves, telling you what you want to hear just for your vote, stealing money with ear marks, it’s crap, all crap! Now with Arnold and his raging hormones what the hell? Come on! Your wife is hot, smart, a great Mom, hard worker and you have the gall to run around on her? Normally I am usually the one to say you should stay together, work on your marriage, but I can’t say it this time. I am proud Maria left her husband. I am giddy over the fact that she made a stand! Way to go Maria, much respect!
  That being said, here’s the flip side, who should be our children’s role models, well, besides us, the parents? Who can we encourage our children to look up too? Reba is a good one. Angela and Vanessa Simmons are excellent role models. Maybe a good teacher in your school? Who do your children look up to, or who do you encourage them to look up to? What do you think of this whole role model thing? I would LOVE to hear your opinions!
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Cheers For Shriver


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  4. It is getting more and more difficult for our children to find roll models in the media. That is why we’ve tried to get our kids to look elsewhere for roll models, such as the neighbor down the street who is doing service for others, or people in our church that have shown a life of good choices.
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  5. I really believe the parents are the first and most important role models. If we are a good morale example hopefully our kids will follow. I see know harm in pointing them in the direction of those we believe would be good examples for them. On the flip side I don’t believe our kids should be sheltered they need to be able to make good choices on their own. Our world unfortunately is full of some in-morale folks and the kids need to be able to recognize them.
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  9. I am so glad I am not the only one who goes through music and doesn’t allow our daughters to listen to it based on how we feel about the person singing. It is so hard to find music for a 10-year-old! We have talked to our daughters several times about some artists and the lives they lead. It can be so frustrating.
    Who should be a role model for our children? I honestly don’t know the answer to that. My husband and I talk a lot about how my parents live their lives. We look up to their dedication to each other, to their disciplined lifestyle as far as money matters, and how kind and honest they are. Other than that, I really haven’t encouraged role models. It makes me sad that there isn’t anyone I see to encourage my children to look up to.

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  17. I was so glad she left after that!

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