#WW – Wordless Wednesday 8/22 with Linky

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#WW – Wordless Wednesday 8/22 with Linky
Tractor Parade in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

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  1. My son would have LOVED to have seen this! Love the bright colours!

  2. Love your pictures!!! Great piece of Americana! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  3. What an awesome way to organize the pics from the parade!

  4. What brightly colored tractors!
    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Sweet Potato Duck

  5. LOVE this collection, what a great piece of art!!

  6. I never knew they came in so many different shapes and colors!

  7. That’s so cool!! I bet it was impressive to see them att at once like that.

  8. My husband would love this…

  9. Who knew tractors came in so many colors?! You don’t see that every day in nyc

  10. My kids love tractor rides and pulls.

  11. my son will be looking at your pics tommorow

  12. That’s a pretty cool parade! Such colorful tractors!

  13. Tractor love! Woo!

  14. My boys would love this parade!

  15. Fun!

  16. Who knew there ahere that many kinds of tractor? Great pictures.
    Beneath Thy Feet

  17. Have to make a tractor out of icing so this is very useful!!! :0) Thanks for linking up! I will do the same. x

  18. I love tractors and so does my son, this would be a blast!

  19. Very interesting! Lovely shots. Thanks for hosting!

  20. Cool. I think I’d chose the blue one

  21. The tractors are so cool! Thanks for the linky!
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

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