My Tribute to Ryan Dunn

  Monday afternoon I read a headline that shocked me! Ryan Dunn from MTV’s Jackass & Viva La Bam had died due to a horrific car accident. WHAT? OMG! This man has made us all laugh, cringe and then laugh again with his jaw dropping stunts in Jackass and his clips in Viva La Bam. I then immediately thought of the Margera family. How heart broke and hurt they must be.
April and Phil Margera were a second set of parents to Ryan Dunn and had known him since he was a young teenager. Bam and Ryan were brothers, best friends and often times roomates. They were loud, rowdy, nasty and funny as hell! Whether you were into the shows & movies or not, you still knew who he was, everyone did! He had a contagious laugh and could make you just about pee with some of the stuff he would do and say. The quote goes “Out of the mouth of babes”, here is a new one, “Out the mouth of Dunn”. Yesterday I searched high and low for decent clips on the internet starring Ryan Dunn and unfortunately didn’t come up with much! Last night in honor and love for Dunn and the Margera family we had a Viva marathon courtesy of Netflix. I realized there were only 8 episodes available for instant que, we watched them and then I sent Netflix a little note asking them to release all seasons and episodes in honor of Ryan Dunn and the jackass family, oh and they may want to edit their episode guide, it’s all out of order! I checked twitter and Facebook periodically throughout the day to see if Bam would say anything. I knew he was hurting, the world knew he was hurting. I saw the video of April & Phil announcing his passing and it broke my heart to see April so devastated. This truly is a travesty. Then finally Bam tweets, WOW, Roger Ebert said what? Some things are better left unsaid, especially when there is no facts yet. Does anyone have tact anymore, how about feelings? My Grandmother taught me at a young age, if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Yes, Thumpers Mother said it too. It’s a good rule to live by!  Oh, and if you piss someone famous off, it would behoove you to realize the shit storm of attacks you are getting, you brought on yourself! This evening I got an email from twitter alerting me I have a new follower by the name of @RyanDunnEvrthng. 
Sweet! Time to check it out. I clicked over and found out there is video clips of Dunn, Messaged the owner and asked if I could embed them to share with my readers and they said absolutely! That being said I LOVE you Ryan Dunn, may you Rest In Peace, you will never be forgotten and I will always keep laughing! In your honor, remembrance and to show respect for the grieving family, friends, fans and world I share these clips, Please enjoy…oh and if you are unfamiliar with these videos(how could you be?) I must warn you, they contain graphic images, nudity and vulgar language, best viewed away from children! ENJOY!!

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My Tribute to Ryan Dunn

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