All About Bedwetting while Potty Training; Infographic

I found this Infographic today and as parents who have just conquered potty training for a third time..with one more to go, I had to share with my readers who may be in this journey or looking at it in the future. Source: via Miranda on Pinterest This image and graphic do […]

A Nightmare …Scarred & Tortures Me, I’m Scared to Sleep!

Have you ever woken up from a terrible nightmare? Of course, almost everyone has had a nightmare. Some of us have them regularly. Mine are few and far between. Normally when I have a nightmare it happens to be one of my reoccurring nightmares.    This weekend I woke up with a horrible migraine so […]

School Lunch is Nasty! ….Check This Out

Do you remember the nasty school lunches we had when we were kids? The nasty meat sauce/juice on the cold spaghetti, or the disgusting chicken patties filled with nasty, hard vein like things or the dreaded hotdish of any form. Well it’s even worse now.  While some schools have had a major overhau […]

Sherman Shenanagins!

Again, again Dad…you spit on the mirror, everywhere Dad  After dinner tonight Bruiser was sent to the bathroom to wash his hands and face,he made a mess and when Sherman went in the war was ON! My boys are too funny! They had fun and it was worth the mess! I warned you our house was a little on t […]

This is the Life

This is the Life 11:30am : Alarm goes off. I roll over and slowly begin to wake up peacefully in a dark, quiet room. Noon : Time to watch Days of Our Lives while eating a bowl of cereal 1pm : Walk into office, kiss and check on Hubby, he must be ready for a nap 1:30pm : Finish up compu […]

Fingers Stuck In Holes

It’s dinner time The kids are hungry Again Always again, it seems as though the kids are always hungry It’s hot The house is hot, outside is hot. Turning on the oven or stove would be ridiculous In case I had forgotten the kids remind me again that they are hungry and what’s for dinner She d […]

Can You Handle It?

  Hi! It’s me Miranda. I think I may need to vent again, get some things off my mind, maybe get some advice, but mostly I will ramble on as if we were sitting in a bar having a couple drinks and sharing some fries, mozzarella sticks or some form of fried deliciousness that only contributes to my he […]

Just Some Pics 7/1

…Today we had fun…Enjoy the pictures & video!   Thanks for stopping by! Today I met a new Twitter friend who wanted to share my HELLP Syndrome story with his followers and readers. He did an amazing job on the post […]

Constructive Criticism or Just Rude?

 It starts the moment you share the news of your new pregnancy. Everyone turns into an expert and MUST share their stories, advice, tips and of course criticism. You would think this would be a one time thing and when you announce the news of your second pregnancy this annoyance could be avoided […]

..My Future Letter of Retirement

To My Amazing Children, MeMe, Butch, Bruiser & Brody                                               October 1, 2028    First off let me begin by saying Happy 18th birthday Brody. It seems like only yesterday you were struggling to breathe and they were wheeling you off to the NICU while I was st […]