#WW Wordless Wednesday with Linky – Girl Scout Cookies

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Welcome to another Wordless Wednesday!
#WW Wordless Wednesday with Linky – Girl Scout Cookies
It’s that time of year again, Girl scout Cookies!! 

What is your favorite flavor?
#WW Wordless Wednesday with Linky – Girl Scout Cookies


Do you buy Girl Scouts each year, Do you sell Girl Scout Cookies?
fyi: best cookie tip ever ~ warm marshmallow fluff in crock pot – spread between 2 thanks-a lot cookies, instant smores!!

#WW Wordless Wednesday with @girlscouts & National Girl Scout Cookie Day! Drop by, join the fun, with Linky! –> goo.gl/n5gYb
— Miranda Sherman (@MirandaSman) February 5, 2013


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  1. Hmmm, I love those GS cookies.

  2. Love me some of the chocolate mints, but we don’t buy anymore because we’re watching our girlish figures around her because if we don’t no one else will!

  3. I bought my GS cookies. I was a Girl Scout for 12 years and sold cookies each year! http://georgielee.blogspot.com

  4. Oh, yum! Is it that time again? Yea!

  5. I don’t have girls in girl scouts, so I always buy boxes and boxes of them! My favorite are Caramel Delites!

  6. Looks scrummy!! We don’t have GS cookies over here on our side of the pond. Our GS sell stuff like pens, stickers, etc!

  7. They all look so good. I hope I bump into a girl scout soon.

  8. We buy ’em, woot, and love them.

  9. Yum! Cookies!

  10. This is a bad post for my waist line. Thanks for linking up with me this week. I appreciate it.

  11. I can’t remember the last time I had Girl Scout Cookies! Yum!

  12. We absolutely love the chocolate mint ones!

  13. Love Thin Mints and Samoas.

  14. Yummy, is it snack time yet? Thank you for the WW party, looks like I open shop this week

  15. Thanks A Lot are my favorites!

  16. I like the Trefoils….can eat a whole box!
    Teresa from NanaHood.com

  17. I just ordered two boxes of thin mints.

  18. Yum yum after seeing them I’m glad it’s nearly dinner time

  19. I didn’t know they have that many varieties.

  20. Do they deliver to the U.K.? :o)

  21. What fun! I didn’t know I shared my birthday with National GS Cookie Day. ^.^
    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Pegasus Sculpture

  22. Wow! cookies! my all time favorite cookies!

  23. Mmm, samoas are my favorite!

  24. Charlotte, I don’t think they do, however if you found a girl scout that will sell to you and then ship them to the UK I am sure you would be able to enjoy the deliciousness!! I would post your question on their facebook page, or twitter. They might be able to point you in the right direction!

  25. I LOVE the Girl Scouts and Girl Scout cookies! Not necessarily in that order.

  26. In New Zealand they are Girl Guides, and biscuit (cookies) sales are in late March.

  27. Wow! Those cookies look so good! Thanks for hosting.

  28. Yummy! I love the thin mints! That ad for the cookies is so cute!

  29. My mom was the first troop leader and brought the first troop to our borough, I definitely used to sell them myself when I was younger!
    Thanks for the linky, I linked up, Happy WW, here is mine again just in case: http://www.ascendingbutterfly.com/2013/02/organizational-tips-to-get-you.html
    I always wonder if my pictures are going to go through!
    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly”

  30. I love Samoas!

  31. Can you believe here in Canada we only have two kinds…??
    Sad, right?

  32. Yes! I purchase Girl Scout cookies! Any good Nana would! My granddaughter always sells an outrageous amount every year. I’m sure it’s because everyone loves them so much!

  33. atat de multa informatie incat… nu am citit nimic!

  34. Mmm! My little Brownie has been selling GS Cookies..So tempting

  35. Yummy… but wow I remember my days with The Girl Scouts as a leader. Good luck with the cookie deliveries!
    My troop always sold a ton but getting the cookies picked up was a nightmare. I only did it a couple of years. I got so upset with some of the moms.
    They would help the kids sale a ton of cookies but then wouldn’t come pick them up. I hope things have improved since the 70’s!
    Thanks for hosting and please do drop by and add your link at my blog!
    Happy WW!

  36. American institution of time honored tradition for a great cause!

  37. The girl scout cookies look so yummy. No I do not buy them as they don’t come around where I stay to sell them.
    Dominique @Dominique&#8217

  38. A few years ago, they came out with a sugar free chocolate chip cookie that I really liked. They quit making it, and I don’t eat sugary sweets.

  39. Yummy! I love Thin Mints

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