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This Week Brody has been fighting his nap time
#WW Wordless Wednesday + Linky

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  1. Mine recently stopped taking naps. It’s so hard to get things done now.

  2. Yep, I’ve seen that face before. I sure do miss those napping days!

  3. Ha ha!!! That face is perfect!

  4. LOL!!!! I know those tempers…

  5. Uh oh! It’s hard when they give up those naps!
    Happy WW

  6. Is a lot of hate here !

  7. My grandson here too fights his naps! I think they think they are going to MISS something☺

  8. My boys have tried this a couple of times but luckily I have won the battle!!

  9. My 28-month-old daughter is doing this too. Couldn’t she have waited until her new brother (12 weeks old) was a little older? Argh.

  10. Haha. Cute! Visiting late for WW.

  11. LOL!!

  12. Ah yes! The other one I like is: “Now you have to get everything done while I’m awake!”
    Thanks for linking up at Motherhood Moments!

  13. LOL that’s brilliant

  14. Nap time, you say? What’s that?

  15. That is adorable but don’t they know nap time -= sanity time.

  16. Ha! That is hilarious!!
    My Organized Chaos

  17. Too cute! My toddler is starting to push her naps later. I still put her in her room at the same time, but I can hear here playing in there for a good hour!

  18. i remember that i hate nap time too… now? oh pleaseeeeee…. give it to me

  19. LOL! This is so cute! Thanks for hosting and Happy WW!

  20. I dread the day we lose naps.

  21. I actually liked it when my daughter finally gave up naps – freedom!

  22. Ha!!!!

  23. Bwa-ha-hahaha. That is priceless!!…and yeah, sooooo like my 2 year old!!

  24. Love the caption, perfect with the photo. Thanks for linking up.

  25. Fab photo!!!

  26. That’s when “nap time” becomes “mandatory quiet time” haha. I don’t care if you don’t sleep. Just stay in your room for an hour and don’t come out! >.<

  27. I can so relate to this dropping of naps. My 2 yr old has started dropping her naps.

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  29. From the look on his face, he looks pretty adamant. Too cute!

  30. Cute. Fortunately Hannah, who is 2 1/2 still takes her naps most days. Now that she is in the bed it is a little harder to get her to stay put. Hard to get the older girls to take a nap. But sometimes they just crash

  31. LOL! Perfect for me, we’re going through the same thing!!

  32. Adorable! I feel lucky my 5 year old still takes naps.

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