SodaStream Review – Tasty Soda From Home

 When you walk through the doors of your favorite store and walk down the aisles looking for the new hot item, the “Must Have” of the year, you usually find yourself standing in electronics, clothing or the toy department. This year is different! This year you will find yourself standing in house wares, looking at a sodastream display. 
SodaStream Review – Tasty Soda From Home
SodaStream is a home soda making machine. Using normal tap water the machine carbonates the water and then you add the flavoring of your choice and Walla! you have yourself a carbonated soda made from the comfort of your own home!  
As a Coca-Cola addict I was a bit skeptical and though I had reviews all raving about the amazing quality and taste I just couldn’t believe, until I tried it myself!
SodaStream Review – Tasty Soda From HomeSodaStream sent me a basic Jet Model, a carbonator and an assortment of flavors to test out and we had fun! I invited friend and family over and we tried all different flavors. We found some we loved, some we were not fans of and some that were outright explosive!
Believe it or not the taste is so close to that of your favorite brand soda it truly is worth every penny! I highly recommend this product. The cola is very delicious and I enjoy it daily!
SodaStream has a wide variety of flavors, machine models and accessories. Save your empty carbonators and exchange them at approved locations for a discount, saving you money. All for amazing prices and they are available in a long list of stores including Wal-mart and Target.
Our favorite flavors:
Lemon Lime
Fountain Mist
One quick tidbit we learned, when using some of the flavors heed warning to the “pour slowly”. We made a bottle of Black Currant & Pear and while slowly pouring the flavor into the carbonated water the bottle fizzed up and sprayed everywhere! When using some of the flavors pour extra, extra slowly.
As a soda addict I love my sodastream! It saves me money and I feel a little better inside knowing each bottle I mix up is one less bottle in the landfill. 
My recommendation..Buy It! You will love it, we do! 
SodaStream Review – Tasty Soda From HomeSodaStream Review – Tasty Soda From Home
SodaStream Review – Tasty Soda From HomeSodaStream Review – Tasty Soda From Home 

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