Steven is the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Shittiest Teenager Ever!

This weekend I stumbled upon the amazing work of Jack and his dipshit brother Steven while surfing Youtube.
Steven is the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Shittiest Teenager Ever!
Steven is the worst teenager ever! He throws temper tantrums that makes an over tired teething two year old seem like an angel. His younger brother Jack plants cameras to catch his explosive behavior that will have you rolling with laughter…..and thankfulness that Steven is someone else’s problem and thankfully not your child.

As I sat with Sherman watching the 20 some videos I kept thinking….someone should pound that fuckers face in! He is the very definition of a douche bag asshat. This little shit head breaks stuff, screams at the top of his lungs, tortures his family and it seems the only one with any capability of discipline is the dog.
Throughout the series Steven has trashed his dads guitar, a microwave, his moms scooter, a microwave, a Christmas tree and all the presents beneath it, a vacuum, a truck, a huge flat screen tv, dishes and cookware, other people property, a leotard..and not to mention defiled a poor tv remote!
Personally if Steven were my kid I would beat the ever loving shit out of him…I am positive that if his parents turned around and knocked a couple of his teeth out not even a court could fault them. 
These videos bring out the split personality of me, while I laugh so hard my stomach and cheeks hurt, I also find myself near boiling point with this little fuckers behavior.
I am sure after reading this……I have peaked your curiosity……..

Meet Steven……………………….
Like I said..this little fucker needs to get his ass kicked. If your daughter…or son..brings him home to introduce you to the new love of their life…and Steven walks through the door..grab your kid and run…far..and fast….
Some have been suspicious as to whether or not it is all fake. Personally I have no idea. I would love to believe it is fake and those poor parents are not tormented by this unruly little devil, but then I would have to believe he is acting, and if that is true, than this kid deserves an Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar, any and every type of award imaginable because this douche is an acting genius! 
I would love to hear what your thoughts are! Do you think it is real or fake? If it is real, what are your thoughts?

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  1. I kind of vaguely recall that when the first video came out – the original freak out! – that it was admitted to be staged. But even so…I get downright infuriated watching him.

  2. No desire to watch these videos, but I would suspect they are somewhat staged. I have GREAT kids, including 2 teen boys. The older one has driven us crazy at times, but that is just the usual teen rolling eyes and talk-back. Guess what…we ignore him and he does it less and less all the time. I am a new follower from the Take Three Tuesday blog hop. Since you enjoy blog hops, you should check out the blog hops at my site: Link Rink.”

  3. if this video is real, this kid needs to see a psychologist or a psychitrist. The parents were also accountable with this. Discipline begins at home, right?

  4. omg i think this child needs some serious help he is not acting he needs help. he has a horrible anger problem and will be in jail as soon as his parents kick him out of the house and depending on his age i would have thrown him out already.

  5. lmao those are hysterical. I feel bad for the mom and I just loved when the dad chases him through the yard that was hystercial

  6. Jessica, I have to agree. I personally have a temper as well…but not even anywhere near the same world as Steven. Not only is he completely put of control he damages everything in sight! I can’t imagine he would ever be able to rent anywhere..imagine the damage he would cause a building. It says in one of the videos he is 18 so he must be 19 or 20 by now.

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