Broken by: Daniel Clay

Broken by: Daniel Clay
by Daniel Clay

   Skunk Cunningham was a bright, curious young girl who was full of energy. She spent most of her free time playing Xbox with her brother Jed and dreaming of her beloved teacher Mr. Jefferies. One afternoon while playing, Skunk and Jed witness a fight between their neighbors. Bob Oswald a loud, widowed biker guy who enjoyed loud music, drugs and drinking ran across the square and beat Rick Buckley nearly to death. After the incident and a demeaning investigation including a physical exam down at the police station Rick Buckley lost his mind and was never quite the same.
   Skunk’s brother warned her from the beginning that not only was the Oswald girl’s trouble and dangerous, but Rick Buckley was too, he was broken and out to get her……..If only Skunk had listened.
   I really enjoyed this book. There was so much going on yet it all seemed to revolve or involve Skunk in some way. Though Skunk was not a trouble maker, trouble always seemed to find or chase her.
   There are several very violent and disturbing scenes in the book but they are very necessary for the story.
Nearing the end of the book I thought I had the entire ending figured out. Daniel Clay is very good at throwing readers off with a few good curve balls.
   After the story there is a short section called P.S where the author writes a bit about himself, the story and books that have inspired him throughout his life.
   I highly recommend this book. It is very well written and keeps you engaged taunting you with “just one more page” The magnificent writing and descriptions enable a reader to picture the story while reading,  Visualizing the neighborhood and characters so well. I hope to read more by Daniel Clay in the future.
Excellent Book! 

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