Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to Tree

Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to TreeIconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to Tree

Oh Christmas tree, 
Oh Christmas tree

 One way to tell if it’s the holiday season is when you log onto Facebook and your stream is 
filled with updates on everyone’s status of Christmas tree completion. Oh, look honey Jed Smith down the street just posted a picture of his wife and kids decorating their tree etc. I started to notice these posts two weeks into November. Wow! Seriously? I thought we were crazy being we typically have ours up the eve of Thanksgiving.
Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to Tree                             Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to Tree

With the Christmas tree the iconic decorating staple of the holiday season I thought we would pay tribute to cool trees I found while perusing the internet.

Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to TreeIconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to TreeThese ones make me SOOOOOOOOO Thirsty! Next time I knock back a 12 pack I will use the “hey, someone has to drink the beer so we can make the tree this Christmas!” excuse.

Now for the evolution of our Christmas tree over the past couple years. 

Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to TreeIconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to Tree 


Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to Tree
Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to Tree           Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to Tree
As you can tell I have a particular way I decorate my tree. Yes, it’s fake..get over it! I only use red decorations. All red lights, red bows, red garland, and traditional candy canes.
Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to Tree
Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to Tree     Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to Tree
This year Sherman rushed to the store to replace last years shot lights only to find NO all red, we are now stuck with multi-colored lights..and yes, I do cry a little inside each time I look at the tree, but we had to do something. Luckily I was promised we will be back to normal next year and that makes me smile!
Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to Tree

So there is my love for beautiful Christmas trees. How do you decorate your tree? Do you have a real or artificial tree?

Iconic Christmas Decoration..Tribute to Tree 

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  1. We have always used an artifical tree. I love the smell of fresh pine, but I’m allergic to it. *sigh* Our 6.5′ fake tree is rather lovely and it’s made here in the good ole USA, which I’m particularly proud of. We use the multi-colored tiny lights. This year we had to replace ours after having repeat problems with strands not working. We now have all LED mini-lights on our tree. Hop from Monday’s Music Moves Me!

  2. I just found and followed your blog via Mingle Monday. Looking forward to your future posts!
    We are opting for a small artificial tree this year since we are spending most of the holiday with family who will have big real trees around. At first it was a little sad, but once we decorated it I got that festive felling.

  3. WOW! I love the tree of books! How neat!!

  4. Just found you through “Move Over Sunday, It’s Monday Blog Hop” – we have an artificial tree and our first few years we went the clear lights (lots of them!) and designer theme look. Now that we have children it’s clear lights and multicolored balls and ornaments. I love that I don’t have to worry about falling needles and the cats drinking the treated water. It’s also very eco-friendly because we’ve had the same tree for about 7 years now. We try to start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. Right now it’s up and lit with the first round of decorations – probably have another couple hours to go.

  5. We have an artificial tree – I used to get a live tree every year, but the price of those has gone up so much it makes more economical sense to have a fake one.

  6. Love the pictures of the trees! So many different ways to decorate! I think the book tree is very clever. I like your tree and think it looks nice- sometimes you have to go with what the store has for you to decorate with and lights are important.
    We have a real tree and put it up Thanksgiving weekend. We use old school colored bulbs (the large ones). We have all mismatched ornaments from chioldhood and from family members. Each ornament has a special meaning. We top the tree with an angel my mom sewed for my great aunt, who has now passes away. I love putting on the lights and looking at the tree.

  7. We have a fake one, we have used a fake one for ten years due to my allergies. I like the idea of all red lights, bows and ornaments…very pretty. Hopefully you can get your red ones next year…unless the multi colored ones ‘grow’ on you!!

  8. My tree is blue and silver and so are most of the decorations in my house. I’m even anal enough that over the years before you could buy bule and clear strings of lights i would buy 1 blue and 1 clear and alternater the bulbs or make my hubby do it:)

  9. When I was healthier I use to put a string of lights around the pole & then around every branch. Now, those days are over & hubby bought me a pre-lit tree, but we have tons of ornaments & 2 colored stringed lights. It’s beautiful. Love your Post & Pics. Thanks for playin along with us.

  10. Love the trees and your tree is beautiful. We go with the flow, some years we have fake, some real, some we have both, one real one in the family room and a fake in the living room, whatever we feel like doing. I very rarely put my decorations up before December, on occasion we start Thanksgiving weekend, for instance I have nothing up yet. But, I keep my decorations up until January 1st! It seems many people put them up early and yank them down Christmas day or the day after! But, hey, I think if it is what makes a person happy then go for it!!!!

  11. Thanks so much for coming by already and linking up to the blog hop! You are either up late or an early riser! I checked everything and saw I had even followed you on G+ already. Thanks again for coming by.

  12. So pretty – I love seeing everyone’s tree designs at Christmas!
    Following you from the Love U Blog Hop!
    Amanda @ MomOnReview

  13. I have the almighty “Fake” Christmas tree and I think it’s great. It’s half the work of a real tree and lasts forever! What a great idea for a post!

  14. Very impressive! It looks beautiful!

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