Duggar Baby #20..Congratulations Jim Bob & Michelle!

Duggar Baby #20..Congratulations Jim Bob & Michelle!

Congratulations Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar 

    This morning I logged onto Facebook to see what the world was up to while I was sleeping, when I saw that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar announced this morning that they were expecting. My immediate response was YAY! That is amazing news. So I shared the article with the rest of my Facebook friends and added a little congratulations. Suddenly My profile was blowing up with comments. My light bulb flicked on, I MUST WRITE!

    A lot of people judge the Duggar family for having so many children. Personally I love it! Sherman and I would continue to have children if we were able to. I find the Duggar family great role models and very inspiring. Their religious beliefs are the reason they are still having children. They believe it is up to God and in his hands. I myself do not share their same beliefs; however I sure don’t condemn then for their beliefs, to each their own.
    As I continued to read I realized a lot of people were commenting on her age, health, her bout with Pre-eclampsia and the risk of leaving all these children with no Mom if she were to pass away. In my opinion these are all ridiculous things to spew. Lets begin with age. Women have had babies in their 60’s and done just fine. Having 19 babies I’m sure if anyone was qualified to be having children at her age it would be Michelle Duggar. Speaking of age, Are you aware she is only 45 years old.
    The second issue people had was her past with Pre-eclampsia with her last baby Josie. I was 18 and pregnant with my first child MeMe when I developed pre-eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome. I was so ill the only fix was to deliver MeMe via emergency c-section even though I was only 28 weeks along. MeMe was born weighing in 2lbs. 5oz. And a mere 15 inches long. I was told a few days later when I was more cohereant that I was never to have any more babies. I was told the risk increases with each pregnancy and the danger increases each pregnancy. I found out later that is false. While yes, there is risk to develop pre-eclampsia, it is not much higher than the risk of any other womans risk. Out of 19 children Michelle had pre-eclampsia twice. I would say those are some pretty amazing odds. Every pregnancy has high risks for a number of issues. With the amazing medical advances available now days people should feel at ease. Furthermore, the Duggar family is aware of the risk and has changed to a high risk pregnancy specialist just in case. I think the only reason people are so judgmental is they are in the spotlight, which leaves them susceptible to judgments.
    The next argument made was what if she passed away. We are not talking an Orphan Annie situation. In my opinion the Duggar family is far more prepared in the event a parent was to pass. There are so many children to aid the little ones and help the family along. Personally they are in a much better position than my situation. If I were to pass my family would be screwed. Sherman would have to try parent all these children with very little help or support. His financial situation would be very shaky as the two little ones would have to be in daycare while he was at work. That cost alone would be difficult for him to cover. His dreams of being a successful business owner would fall to the wayside as he would not have the time to work full time and launch a business. The stress level would be through the roof and that’s not even factoring in the hurt and pain the family as a whole would feel. The Duggar family is prepared far better than anyone I know in the event of a tragedy.
    So to those of you that choose to bitch about their decision, beliefs or way of life I suggest you back off. This is a well established family with top notch morals and character. They are productive citizens that raise well behaved children in a loving home. They pay their bills, keep no debt, work hard and they are very charitable. I love the Duggar family and I would love to extend a big round of Congratulations Jim Bob and Michelle!
    I mean come on people, it’s not like they are living off welfare, selling drugs, stripping or doing porn to support their family. Back Off! Let’s be proud and supportive of the Duggar family. Great role models for all of us! 


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  1. awesome post loved your reasoning and yes you are so right it is their choice come see me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com I am a new blog follower”

  2. I totally agree with you! I think they’re doing a better job with their kids than many families I’ve seen with 2 or 3. Good for them!

  3. Congrats to them!! Very well written post, I agree…. if it’s what they want then that is what they should do. Although, I only have my two boys & think I’m going to lose my mind sometimes, lol!
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  4. I was so very excited when I found out! Sure I’m worried about her health but I’m worried not condemning her. I love the duggers and although I couldn’t live that life style… wohoo for them!

  5. Awesome post! I agree with you, it’s their business! They are a great family with so much love.

  6. Great post!! I agree with you completely! I just read one of the Duggar’s books and I really admire their family. I’d say from everything I’ve read or watched about them they’re one of the most inspiring and capable families out there, like you said. Congrats to them!!

  7. Wow! A new baby. Makes me curious on how they handle everything. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and I only have 3 kids at home!
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