Bieber Fever ended in Fatherhood…..Maybe? HaHa a Publicist Nightmare!

Bieber Fever ended in Fatherhood…..Maybe? HaHa a Publicist Nightmare!

The other day I wrote a post about Kim Kardashian and how her latest drama is driving me crazy. That hasn’t changed, it is still super annoying and I feel the whole godamn world is over this bull shit, or at least they really ought to be. I had just about given up even looking at my home page and all the “news” overrun by the “Crying Princess” crap when I spotted “Justin Bieber denies baby rumors” 

Holy Shit! It really did say that. It turns out little mister innocent is a typical horny teenage star that wants to get his rocks off just like most other red blooded American teenager! 
I sat back and envisioned his mangers, publicists’ and public relations personnel running psychotically through offices trying to control this wildfire. 
I picture a high stress situation and a lot of freaked out people.
I also imagine a phone call from his mentors and different directors or project mangers blowing the fuck up when they realize this may screw them over as parents may deem Bieber as a bad influence, causing them and their products or shows to lose money.
Then suddenly I see another article stating he firmly denies the rumors and consents to a paternity test as soon as he is back in the States.
Then the subtitle says he intends to sue the girl after the test for character defamation and whatever else they can.
Well that sucks…………
But Wait……………
What if the results come back positive…regardless of what Bieber has said?
Would that not just be fucking hilarious?
OMG..(yes I am a grown woman that just said OMG)…..I can hardly wait
This is most definitely the first time I have had Bieber fever…because I would love to see his little bathroom tryst blow up in his face with a little Bieber Baby.
Bieber Fever ended in Fatherhood…..Maybe? HaHa a Publicist Nightmare!

And hey…if doesn’t work out like that, maybe this chick can be the next reality tv star that gets an E! show!

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  1. That’s crazy and I agree with you. I’m tired of seeing the tabloids and seeing all the stupid news. But this is a great post. Made me laugh and whats better than beginning your day laughing.
    I stumbled you, my post is

  2. Oh boy! I missed that. i am the kind of person that gets stuck in line and only reads all the titles on the tabloid magazines. Guess I haven’t been to the grocery store lately. OUCH! Definately a publicist’s nightmare.
    I’m curious to see what happens, but find STAR to be one of the least reliable, most out there, and dirtiest of tabloids.

  3. Stumbled you from the hop!!! Crazy situation, huh? Cute post! Here’s my link if you want to stumble back:

  4. Ha. Ha. Oh my word… What’s going on with the world! I think I’d run after Brad Pitt:D
    Hopping by and following your lovely blog. I’d be honored to have you follow back too:)
    Author of children’s picture book ‘Over and Under’ &#8211

  5. the stupid fool is saying he is her babys dady , dont she know her big mouth can get her in trouble for him being a minor ,the money hungry idiot lol

  6. Too funny. You make me laugh. Thank you for joining Planet Weidknecht’s Weekend Hop. I am following you and hope to see you again soon.

  7. I have a feeling that girl is claiming she has a Bieber baby just to gain her 15 minutes of fame and yeah, she probably does have her eye on her freakin reality show! Ha!

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