Kick Rocks Kardashians..I’m Sick of you in my Headline New Feed Scroll

Kick Rocks Kardashians..I’m Sick of you in my Headline New Feed Scroll

   News wise this week has sucked. It seems like the world has completely stopped because HOLY SHIT Kim Kardashian filed for divorce Monday. Really? Are we seriously going to spend every bit of energy we have on the newest gossip of what’s going on with the Kardashians.

At first I too was interested. Then after Yahoo streamed 3 posts at one time in the scrolling feed on their homepage I was flat out fed up. Who really fucking cares if it’s only been 72 days, how can anyone be shocked? Did you all not watch the past season, and the wedding episodes? They clearly did not get along, they were such polar opposites it was bound to fail!
   I am also thoroughly annoyed with headlines like “Should she keep the ring?” and “Marriage was not staged!” and best yet “Kim did not profit from the wedding!” ok, insert foul language warning here, if you are offended by foul language, quit reading, if not……..Who the fuck are they kidding? Sorry but that bitch made so much damn money from this whole charade! Does anyone remember the fact that this whole 2 part event was televised? Who the hell do you think profited from that? KIM KARDASHIAN and Ryan Seacrest. Let us not forget the fact that she also sold her wedding pictures to People for a ton of money and also sold the honeymoon photos for a butt load of money (yes, pun intended). The Kardashian Klan is making bank like fucking crazy and we would all be fucking fools to believe that they weren’t.
   Surprised by her filing for divorce? No, Not this girl! Maybe I need to remind you all that Kim was married before. In fact she was married at 19 to an older man and kept her eloped Vegas marriage a secret from her family for months when she was busted by her sister Kourtney using the internet to search public records. That ended in divorce too. Oh yeah, most the world forgot all about that.
   Just give this whole thing a couple months and all of a sudden a sex tape will be “leaked” and I am sure she will profit from that too! Last year Kim made over $65 million dollars just for being her. The girl who’s entrance to fame was a sex tape with RayJ.
   Don’t get me wrong I love watching the Kardashians and I have even read their book, but I am not naïve enough to believe that Kim and the Kardashian klan didn’t make a shit load of money from this whole fiasco, and I also believe this whole thing was planned whether for money or better ratings, I don’t know but we are talking about a family who is addicted to fame and money.
Someone posted a picture on Facebook the other day that sums the whole bag of crazy up…

Kick Rocks Kardashians..I’m Sick of you in my Headline New Feed Scroll
 Just something to think about………………. 
Now Kick Rocks, I want my REAL news feed back, with stories and articles about real life and things that actually matter!

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  1. I have no interest in reading anything about the Kardashians. They are… well, useless people. I don’t find people that are “famous for being famous” worth keeping up with. I’d rather the news be filled with people who actually do something worthwhile instead of people who get famous because they got it on on tape & let the world see it.

  2. Stopping by from the Beck Valley Book blog hop and following you know. Hope you will stop by and follow in return.
    The Kardashians are getting so old! Trust me one day people will look up and they will be no where around!

  3. I’m so happy to read what you said. When I heard my first thought was “are we really surprised”? then “do we really care”?? I don’t know what all the hype is about anyone in that family. What have they ever done besides do a stupid reality show and air all their dirty laundry on TV? They’re all a bunch of plastic phonies.
    Whew, glad I got that off my chest. LOL
    Visiting from Follow Me Friday Blog Hop! I’ll be following you now to read more truthful comments.
    Kathy Adams

  4. I am a reality tv junky, but this is a little too much for me. I am a new follower here for the hop. I’d love it if you could check out my blog:
    I look forward to reading your future posts. I love opinionated bloggers!!!”

  5. I don’t bother reading any of it. No interest because I agree with everything you said up above. They’re all just a joke.

  6. I refuse to even give an ounce of give a crap about the whole Kim and the nutso family. I do wish it would disappear though so I can see other weird useless news on the yahoo feed already.

  7. OMGAWD I am not the only one sick of them

  8. I will not buy a magazine that has a Kardashian in it. The end. What are these people famous for? Did you hear they wanted high end talent to play at Kim’s wedding for free? They all need to SIT DOWN.

  9. I am sick of the Kardashians. I’m not even sure why they’re famous. Urgh.
    Stopping by from Bees With Honey’s Let’s Bee Friends!

  10. Sad view of America … all this reality crap drives me nuts!!!

  11. I’m tired of them too. What’s the point of all the coverage? It’s just another “Hollywood” marriage that bit the dust after less than the time it takes to get a divorce.
    Thanks for linking up!

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