Dear Journal, I Hate This Student, I’m Sure They Said That……….

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Saturday  October 22, 2011:

What my high school teachers probably wrote about me in their journal…

Dear Journal,                                                               1994-1998
            That Girl Mirandawas in class again today. As you can guess, today class sucked. She was disruptive, rude, had no homework to turn in. She didn’t even bring her book. She had her headphones in during the test. Speaking of test…..oh…go figure…I have her test here, she spelled her name correctly, that’s a plus. She got over half the questions right, the other half the little shit answered in a pattern. She did an amazing job on the essay. If only she cared. After the test she spent the rest of class back talking and joking with her friends. I swear I don’t get paid enough to deal with that little shit! Now that I have finished well over a bottle of wine I am going to get to bed. Hopefully that fucking terror is not in class tomorrow. I love when she skips class. She just doesn’t care, sad really.
Good Night,
 (Insert every teacher I ever had from grade 5 and up; especially from East Grand Forks Middle School and Sacred Heart High School)

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  1. Writing prompts are great – I made a list of them for my daughter to have in her writing class. BTW – this is thetime I’ve tried posting here don’t know if you are having site issues but thought I’d tell you Stopping in from the hop to say hey – hope you can visit soon and return the favor.

  2. You seriously drove your teachers to DRINK? Mine probably said stuff like, “Alexis would be so cute if she didn’t have that horrible perm.”

  3. I’m a GFC & Facebook follower. I’m stopping by to say Hi from the Monday Mingle Hop. I would love for you to stop by and visit my blog;!

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