Thing’s I’ve Never Done……….

I’m thirty years old and I’ve never:

Been a Bridesmaid

Thing’s I’ve Never Done……….

Been on a roller coaster

Milked a cow

Been to the Ocean

Been on an airplane

Been confirmed

Went to Prom

Been to Mexico

Kicked by a Horse

Shot a gun

Thing’s I’ve Never Done……….

Never watched Sex in the City

Been successful at Fly Fishing, I just can’t get it to work

Eaten Deer Heart, or any heart for that matter

Danced naked in the rain

Eaten Sushi, nor will I ever

Been to Mall of America

Thing’s I’ve Never Done……….

Seen a scorpion

Flipped a 4 wheeler

Been on a yacht

Been in a building with more than 6 floors

Owned a school bus, though Sherman has priced them

Thing’s I’ve Never Done……….

Read the entire Bible

Paid to play bingo

Been a waitress

Been to a New Years Eve party

Had more that 800 Comments on a blog post

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  1. I have done like 14 things on your list and yes I have eaten a heart of some animal. It is yucky btw…

  2. love this; I’m 48, and still haven’t done half these things (actually, was asked to be a bridesmaid once but turned the delightful offer down).

  3. meant to add, following you now from the weekend planet hop.

  4. If you watched Sex in the City, you;d watch to shoot a gun…at yourself and Sarah Jessica Parker.
    greta humor with this list

  5. Why is it that I have done quite a few of them and don’t feel that accomplished?!

  6. Priced out a School Bus…really?!?! LMAO! What on earth for….hahahahaha!
    You’re on 778 comments away from that 800 mark!

  7. Are these going to become your bucket list? Or at least some of them? Have a great weekend! Go ride a roller coaster!

  8. You are missing out on not eating sushi! I could eat it every day!
    I’m following you from the Trendy Treehouse Hop!

  9. I’m 38 and I’ve never done almost all of the things on your list. I think I counted five or six that I have done.
    Thanks for linking up at Tots and Me Lovin’ The Weekend Blog hop again.
    Have a great weekend

  10. Good list. I can agree on some things, other things I’m like what?!?!?!? Never been on a roller coaster. That’s a sin! LOL! Good luck in your quest so complete these items!

  11. I have done 19 of the things on your list. What does that mean?

  12. LOL, that’s a cute list! I especially liked “eaten a deer heart, or any heart”. Yeah, me neither!
    Visiting from Mama Kat’s.
    Smile and Mama With Me

  13. I’ve seen some hideous bridesmaid’s dresses… Consider that a lucky thing.
    I’ve never eaten a heart, either, that I know of (you never know what is in a hot dog, do you?).

  14. Ha ha! I am nearing 40 and have not done or seen what you have listed…
    But seriously…You’ve never been in a building which has more than 6 floors?

  15. I was with you until the never been in a building with more than 6 floors! How is that possible? You must live in a remote area. Never been to a city at all? And you have got to go to a NYE, they are awesome!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge

  16. if you EVER want to milk a cow let me know. We own and operate a dairy farm and milk over 600 cows twice a day!!! (well actually we have workers who do it! )

  17. I’ve done 8 of these.. not bad. This is a great list!!! I think I’ll do one my self soon!

  18. Out of your list I’ve only done two: been a bridesmaid and gone on a roller coaster.

  19. What a great list!!!
    I’m hopping through from Beck Valley Books’ hop. New follower. I’m at

  20. Cute list. I must admit, at 51 there are a few things on that list that I’ve never done either! New follower.

  21. What an interesting list! I have done many of the things on it- but not all of them (no deer heart for me). Out of the ones I have done- I recommend seeing the ocean. I know there are many beautiful places on this earth- but the ocean is amazing. It calms and sooths the soul.

  22. I’v done 5 lol

  23. A lot in your list I’ve never done yet also.. I already been a bridesmaid and it was fun and exciting also.

  24. Where can i find the Bridesmaids dresses?

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