A Family Update!

Hello Everyone! Well I was coming up empty on a post last night and my cousin suggested an update post, so here you go Em! Enjoy the update!
MeMe: MeMe is in 5th grade this year and so far loves it. This year is her first year with a male teacher and I must admit she is having a blast! Mr. Heimark does not tolerate girl drama and all the bullshit that goes with it. She has joined the schools crossing guard team and is having a blast with the responsibility as the school takes it very seriously. She has made a couple new friends this year and they seem to be getting along great.
MeMe has grown quite a bit over the summer. She is probably 2 inches taller than last spring. She is Maturing into a lovely little lady. I have loosened up her boundaries this year and have even started letting her walk home from school if she chooses. She LOVES that. 
Butch: Butch is in 3rd grade this year and is somewhat reserved. He had the same teacher in 1st and 2ndgrade and was her little favorite. This year he has had to start all over with a new teacher and it seems to be hard for him to come out of his shell being he is so shy. Butch loves MeMe’s new boundaries, he often is allowed to walk home with her too. Butch is still doing amazing in school. He is such an amazing reader.  
It is official; Butch has shot up and is now taller than MeMe. We all knew that would happen, well, everyone but MeMe. 
Bruiser: Bruiser is in Headstart this year. His speech has improved so much over the past year. He is so talkative. Once you get him started he will talk your little ear off. If he gets to excited he starts to ramble and it is a little difficult to understand him, but once he takes a breath he slows down again. Bruiser is learning to control his emotions this year. He gets frustrated and needs to learn to share with his little brother a little better but he is learning. It’s a hard lesson to realize you are not the baby anymore. 
Brody: Brody just turned one! I know, how time has flown by! He is slowly learning to talk so far his vocabulary consists of 3 words, Dada, Mama and UhOh. He is fascinated with the a few things lately, dog dish and the dog food, which is now kept behind a gate. He is obsessed with the fridge and dishwasher. When the doors are open you would not believe how fast the little turkey can crawl! Speaking of which he is quite the pro crawler. He is not walking yet though. He pulls up on everything and cruises along. He also climbs! Climbs on the couch, into the windows, on chairs and has even crawled up on the Noahs Ark kids table! I have rescinded my earlier prediction of Bruiser being our first broken bone, it will be Brody for sure! He has no concept of injury. He is far more daring then Bruiser ever was!
Me: I started my second semester of school last week so I am super busy
Sherman: Has also started another semester of school, but this is last, he graduates in December! YAY! I have encouraged him to continue on with his education, we will see what happens. He seems dead set on being done. He is super busy, he has 5 classes this semester including an internship! 
Goalie Girl: Goalie Girl started high school this year and loves it! She got a job today and is nervous but very excited! I have not had much time to talk to her about yet. More about that later, for sure! 

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