To Whom It May Concern……..

To Whom It May Concern……..

To Whom It May Concern,
          Politics are bullshit! That’s right, I said it. Politics is a game of Men & Women sitting on their overpaid, under taxed asses lying to each other

about whose dick is bigger. When in all actuality it doesn’t really matter the size, because they’re all a bunch of dicks. Not because their name is Richard but because they all want to screw us. I love politics, small government politics, in state shit. City Council, School Board, Other random Boards, County positions, you know the type of position where you actually have to say what you mean and mean what you say or your job is over next election because no one is going to tolerate your bull shit! It’s about character, honesty, outlook, doing your job, not pleasing who will write you the bigger check. Are we the people really that fucking stupid that we keep electing these douche bag asshats into office? Is it not our responsibility to elect decent individuals that will work on our behalf? I wish I had a job where I get paid a butt load of money and all these huge benefits and pensions and low taxes just to say No, I don’t agree with you so I’m not doing shit. No I’m 3, I don’t want to compromise (sticking fingers in ears, stick out tongue and say nananananananana, I can’t hear you) that’s just stupid.
          I am an individual. I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am Miranda Sherman. I believe in hard work and being good. I have some liberal beliefs and some conservative beliefs. I am not Jell-O, I did not pop my fat ass out of a mold. I do not vote party lines either, I vote with who I think is best! Don’t label me, don’t assume, and don’t fucking judge me either!
          So to sum this post up, to all those elected officials out there, get your heads out of your asses. Work together, plan better, compromise, quit rushing everything, look at the bigger picture, check statements (vocal & financial), Focus on OUR country and OUR problems, let’s start fixing US!
** Yes I used crude language in this post, get over it! This is my opinion, these are my feelings. Please do not leave me comments condemning my blog, for I speak the truth. Please do not comment negatively to this post and please do not argue politics with me or each other. Take your frustrations to email, phone, letter and contact your elected officials! Tell THEM how you feel, tell them YOUR thoughts, ideas suggestions AND your disapproval. Thank You! *****
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To Whom It May Concern……..

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  4. Isn’t that the truth. I feel the same way about politics, which is why I begin to cringe when election season rolls around. I’m so tired of seeing screaming views on my facebook feeds, that many people get hidden during that time and even an obsessive few get deleted!

  5. woohoo! Tell it girl!

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