Vacation Cleaning? This is Lame!

Friday is my last day of school for the semester. Sherman and I will have a little vacation before classes begin again. You would think vacation means romance, snuggles, hot steamy loving,
long nights with romantic moves and such. Nope, not here. Maybe you have never met my Husband, but for those that have you would not be surprised to hear that this vacation will be filled with projects, chores and cleaning. Just to give you an idea of our to do list..And well, a reminder for myself, keep us on track, here is the plan:
Pack up and store all the items for next years garage sale
Clean & Organize the Garage
Clean & Organize front porch
Finish the book shelves in the living room
Finish up the boys room
Clean van, prepare for winter safety
Yard duties
Reorganize our bedroom
Find additional space for food pantry storage
Reorganize mud/laundry room
And if we are real ambitious, clean basement
There you have it, that’s the itinerary for our lame ass vacation, but its got to be done! Wish us luck, we’re gonna need it! 
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Vacation Cleaning? This is Lame!

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  1. YUCK! Consider luck wished.
    I should probably follow your lead and clean. I can’t commit to this level of cleanliness and upkeep, but . . . an item or two wouldn’t hurt!

  2. good luck! I’m sorry you are having a non-relaxing vacation but at least things will get done… right?

  3. Paul and I have had our fair share of working vacations. They suck! Hopefully you’ll still find a little time for that hot, steamy lovin!

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