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This weekend I would like to try something new! An

interactive post! Yes, I said it Interactive! This post will 
require your input. Here is how it will work………

1. Ask me a question, go ahead, any question
2. Be sure to leave your name and link to website

3. I will “edit” this post by answering your question in a 
numbered format 
4. Answers will be numbered, named & linked to your site!

5. This post will be a WIN..WIN situation

 6. A fun post for me…and possible traffic to your site 
through links!
Sounds like a lot of fun doesn’t it? Lets begin, ask me a
question in the comments below, be sure to leave your name
and the link to your site. I will check back throughout the day
and respond so keep checking back! Hope you all have a
great weekend! 
1. Tiffany @ Raising Paityn: My favorite Author would be Patricia Cornwell. I love her Kay Scarpetta series. A series of murder/mystery books where the main character is a Chief Medical Examiner.

2. Candace @ Mi Chiamo Candace: My favorite food would have to be Halupsys. A family recipe of steamed cabbage rolls with rice and hamburger. I am hoping to post the recipe soon. Absolutely delicious! 

3. Sophie @ Unus Sed Leona: If I could only have 3 books for the rest of my life I think I would go insane, either because my life is going to be cut seriously short, or because 3 books would never keep me satisfied. Forced with a decision I would pick 3 of the largest volumes of Uncle John’s Slightly Irregular Bathroom Readers. These books are very thick, and contain a ton of information. Short stores, jokes, fun facts, history etc. etc. The books cover everything! I could read them over and over! 
4. Tim @ Tim McMichael Web Development & Photography: I am certainly not an expert in cell phone photography, in fact, to be frank, I suck at taking pictures with my cell phone. The pictures are always blurry and the color never seems right. Most of the times I think they will be so cute, and then when I upload them I am pissed off that they are not even close what I was hoping for. Good thing I have your blog to read, maybe I can learn some tips, because as of today my skills are shit.
  Oh and Tim, thanks for stopping by & asking, I am no longer holding your blog hostage  

5. Bobbie @ Blog With Mom: No I have not had a negative change in traffic. In fact since I have joined Triberr my blog stats have shot through the roof. I do get a lot of visits; however, I wish more visitors would follow me via GFC, Twitter, Facebook or email. Most of my visitors drop by, surf around and then leave. I would love to have some comments, followers, you know, a little interaction. I would love to hear that people read the gibberish I post, haha!  I have yet to fully understand what the whole Dynamic Tribe switch means; I don’t really understand what is different. I noticed the new interface which I really like as it is easier to see information.  

6. Christine @ Why We Love Green: My favorite season is fall! I love the cooler air, I love the smell of nature changing, I love the fall colors of red and orange. The only thing I would change about fall is the bees. They always seem to be more aggressive, annoying and far more present in the fall. 
7. Squeak @ Alaskan Chocoholic: If I am craving chocolate my favorite treat would be a semi-frozen snicker. It is the perfect sweetness and not overly chocolate. My runner up would be a good, moist Chocolate cake with Chocolate fudge frosting.
8. Erin @ Dropped Stitches: Oh man, I have so many Hollywood crushes! Maybe we can narrow them down by category? If I were to choose a Hollywood crush out for Romance, I would choose Robert Pattinson, I mean come on, after watching the Twilight movies and reading the books, how can any woman not swoon over that man!
Now for my bad boy choice, you know the man that brings out the inner bitch or inner gangster that we all have, that would be Jason Statham, that man is just pure bad boy sexy! Yummy! Oh and in my dreams where we meet and date, I shred every shirt he owns forcing him to go shirtless!
Comic relief sexy is a little more difficult for me. Just because someone portrays a very funny character, what if he was lame as hell in real life, that would be a huge disappointment. I think it would have to be Seth Rogan. He is good looking, love the beard, love his thick curly hair and that voice is sexy too!
Overall crush would be the total drool worthy Bradley Cooper! YUMMO! 

9. Jessica @ Jessiicali: For the longest time our cell phone provider was Verizon Wireless, but with our large family there was no way we were going to be able to keep affording that. Just for Sherman and I, our bill was nearly $250 a month, for 2 phones, that’s bullshit! So after looking into it we switched over to Virgin Mobile. Our bill has gone down to $50 a month total! That includes unlimited data and messaging! How can you go wrong with that? Once MeMe rolls over into Virgin Mobile and Butch gets his cell phone we will still only be spending $100/month, way cheaper than Verizon Wireless! We are now saving a ton of money, we get the same service and nice phones! 
10. Aimee @ Classified Mom: I have been blogging for less than a year. My first blogiversary is February 3rd. I am super excited and would love to have 1,000 followers by then. (hint..hint readers..haha). I do not really have a set schedule for how often I blog. There have been times where I have posted several times in a week and then the next week only has one post and it’s a video or pictures. It really all depends. As a mom of 4, who is running around trying to keep up on the house (hubby is a neat freak, I’m not, not even close), and my crazy 11 month old who has recently found the joy of scaring the shit out of Mommy by climbing..everywhere, keeping up on school work since I started back in college, blogging and all the other rolls of being Mommy and Wife, my posting schedule is random and sporadic, but entertaining! 
11. Russell @ No Longer Quiet: Hi! Thanks for dropping by!
Hahaha, color me embarrassed, I guess there is a reason I haven’t noticed any change. I don’t even understand what this new dynamic tribes is supposed to be. What will change?
12. Kristy @ Kristy’s Place Reviews: My husband was the idea and inspiration to start blogging. I was sitting in his office bitching and complaining about how bored I was and had nothing to do other than be a Mom, change diapers, mediate the kids fights, cook for the family, taxi kids everywhere, everything in my life was mothering. Yes it was a pity party moment. I wanted a little more purpose. He suggested I start a blog. The blog has evolved over the past year and I am hoping to keep getting better because I really do enjoy it! 
13. Hocam @ The Adventures of Cilgin Kiz: Thanks for dropping by, Please see above response, and I am your newest follower on your blog and I have to say WOW! I love the pictures on your site. Do you live there? Is that the view from your house?
14. Posh @ Posh on a Budget: Thanks for dropping by and following me! Have a great weekend! 
15. Meryl @ Departing the Text: I think the biggest issue I find as a Mother is balance. A balance between friend and parent; balance between disciplinarian and fun. I tend to do most of the discipline, the kids “fear” me more than their Father as he has a tendency to let them slide on things “really it’s just that they can manipulate him easier, he is a softy” So I am constantly trying to find the balance and pick my battles. I have to consciously think “if I let them slide on this, what impact will it have in the future, will they continue to do it, will this lead to other issues etc. etc.” I also have to balance parenting and friend. I want to keep my parenting role but I want the kids to trust me enough to confide in me when they need to talk, I want them to be able to feel safe in conversations. It is kind of difficult to explain but I wonder if other parents struggle with this as well?
16. Parentwin @ Tales of an Unlikely Mother: My favorite opening of a book is…
“I’d never given much thought to how I would die – though I’d have reason enough in the last few months – but even if I had, I would not have imagined it like this.”
  Does anybody know which book it is from? First person to answer via email will be featured on my blog for a week and win a prize! 
17. Nicole @ Whispered Words Forever Captured: I am not sure where you are from but here are some general ideas that usually work in any town. Talk to your local librarian, there are usually some fantastic free programs through the library such as story time which usually also has some sort of activity. Talk to a local church, sometimes they have Mother’s groups that will know different community ideas, Read your local newspaper, it often has local happenings listing that will often have children’s activities throughout the community, If you live in a larger community do some searching online or calling around I’m sure there are some play date groups you could join, cost is usually rotating dates of snacks and drinks. Being your child is still so young the most important thing is to read, sing and lots of eye contact with them. I hope that was some help. If you email me your hometown and state, I can look into it further for you.
18. The Jacobsen Family : If I could afford it tomorrow, I would book an amazing trip to Iceland for three, My husband, Myself and my Grandmother. She is Icelandic, she is aging and I think it would be awesome to bring her to Iceland. Hopefully we could meet up with her family or people that knew her family. We could do lots of sightseeing. I think it would be a very emotional trip, but it would be amazing! It would mean so much to my Grandma and it would be very educational for myself and would connect me to my roots!
 19. Army of Moms @ Real Army of Moms: To honest I only read print edition books. I do not have an e-reader or any other form of electronic reader. I am a book lover and love to collect the books I read. I love my overflowing book shelves in my house. If ever given the chance to build a home there will be a lot of floor to ceiling, wall length built in book shelves and I hope that they are filled to the top.
20. Linda @ My WAHM Plan: Klout can be very tricky. The key to having an amazing Klout score is consistency. You can have 2 excellent tweet days and your score can jump a point or two, then maybe get the flu and of course who the hell tweets when they are ill, your score goes back down. Sometimes it can be frustrating when us Moms are busy with kids, cooking, cleaning, significant others etc. etc.
Another great Klout feature that makes others feel awesome and it makes them smile is when you give someone +K. It always gives me a little smile and a confidence boost when I log on and see someone thinks I am awesome by giving me a +K. Those that give also receive!
21. Angie @ A Little Inspiration: Oh that may be a little difficult as I watch so much TV. How about categorically!
   My fav realty tv show would have to be MTV Real world and the Challenge shows. I have always LOVED that show!
   My favorite teen based show would have to be The Secret Life of The American Teenager. Thanks to dear old Goalie Girl I found myself addicted to the show and Ricky is cute, especially with his bad boy tendencies haha!
   My favorite children’s cartoon thanks to dear old Bruiser would be Nickolodeon’s Bubble Guppies and Olivia. Absolutely adorable!
My favorite super hot tv crush show would be a tie between Deadliest Catch and Black Gold. Yes, I have a thing for hard working, dirty guys that swear constantly, full of testosterone and clean up very nice!
   My all time favorite show would have to be Roseanne and The Cosby Show. I consider my parenting and personality style a combined balance of Clair Huxteble and Roseanne Connor, though my Husband would say I am ALL bat shit crazy Roseanne! 

22. Good Girl Gone Green: My favorite color is purple. I also really like black, what woman doesn’t! 
23. Coronaryrn @ Pargasjunkyard My time of day for peace and quiet is after all the kids have gone to bed. I am a night owl so naturally I am up late. After the kids are in bed I have a snack and do one of the following, listen to music, watch tv, read, work on homework or head out to the store. However, if it has been a particularly rough day I will leave the kids with Sherman and go for a drive around the lake blaring the music. Music and driving is very calming to me and I thoroughly enjoy it!  
Yes, you can absolutely use this idea! If you could link back to this post and let your readers now I exist and have rocked the same awesome entry that would be super great! This post has been so much fun and I will be doing it again for sure! Have fun!

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