I’m So Awesome, I Made It Milk

Yes, It’s true I made it rain milk!
  After a long week of taking care of the boys and their fevers, runny noses, icky cough and messed up sleeping patterns, I was the next lucky contender for the fight of illness. I lost and have been sick since. Last weekend was particularly tough on me as I was very feverish and my sinuses with their multiple personality disorder messing with me!

How can one persons nose go from being so stuffed up your face and nose feel as though there are boulders growing inside your face to Niagara Falls in a matter of minutes!?! What the hell? So here I was freezing cold and dripping sweat, with all these nasal issues and I have 2 reports to write for school, my first week mind you! Luckily I was able to focus long enough thanks for the miracle of Zyrtec D and 4 Ibuprofen. Yes, I had a cold and yes I treated it with allergy medicine and that is not weird. You try having an allergy to Tylenol and finding cold meds that do not contain acetaminophen. Nearly impossible, use allergy meds, they work better and have the same effect as cold medicine.

  So Tuesday night comes and it is date night for Sherman and I. This week we went out for beer and burgers at a local restaurant. The food was amazing! I was really craving some fried mozzarella sticks YUMMO! We spent our time talking and it drove us crazy that no matter how hard we avoided it, the conversation always seemed to lead back to talking about the kids. Oh well, maybe it’s because we have so many! haha!
  After dinner we had to stop at the store to buy some milk. We went and picked up some jars of baby food, some baby rice cereal and headed over to dairy. Here we were a Tuesday night around 6:30 pm at wal-mart. The store was busy as usual. In front of the coolers I told Chris to grab the half gallon and I would grab a gallon. As I headed to the cart with my large, cold jug of milk it dropped out of my hand, smashed to the floor and burst shooting cold milk straight in the air and as luck and gravity would have it, all that cold milk came raining down in cold drops of white nastiness all over Sherman and I and the family next to us! My jaw dropped in shock, I looked up at the lady across from me and said OH MY GOD, I AM SO SO SORRY! My face was instantly a shocking shade of fluorescent red and my face was on fire! I was so embarrassed! I picked up the milk and set it next to the trash bin, turned back around and started pulling paper towels out of the container like a mad woman to clean up the mess. Sherman leans in and says, go find an associate. I look up and around and wouldn’t you know the one time I am dying of embarrassment and there is not a single fucking employee in sight, no where! I cleaned up the floor turned around and here the milk jug I had set by the trash turned the floor behind me into a sea of white, OH FUCK! dammit! How much more of this can I take? Sherman laughs out loud, leans in again and says “lets get the fuck outta here!!” Never has my husband had a better idea. We turned around and high tailed our ass straight to the check out and back home! UGH, I was mortified. 
  Later that night after the kids had gone to bed and Sherman was headed up to bed as well he leaned in kissed me, looked in my eyes and said he had a fabulous time tonight on our date and there is no one in the world he would rather be with when splashing in milk at Wal-mart! Thanks Hun! I love that man so much, but I will never live this down!

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I’m So Awesome, I Made It Milk

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  1. OMG! This is so funny!

  2. ROFL. I’m sorry but that is just too hilarious! I probably would have felt the same way you did, but from the outside looking in you just can’t help by giggle…
    But hey, at least date night was eventful?

  3. Hhahah!! That is totally something I would do..or maybe have done before

  4. OMG, toooo funny! I can only imagine how you must have felt, but I have to admit it made for a great laugh. You just made my Monday!

  5. Brilliant you made me giggle and reflect on an all too similar situation I had myself. Here for six words – http://wordsinsync.blogspot.com/2011/08/weekend-creation-blog-hop-plus-poem_19.html

  6. lol I had the most hysterical image of milk raining everywhere. You poor thing, I sure hope you feel better and don’t be embarrassed, we’ve all done it. Want to hear about when I dropped a bottle of Essie nail polish on the floor of Walgreens. It broke in two and splattered nail polish all over everything in the area. Do you know it is impossible to get nail polish off anything? Ugh! I felt so bad for them.
    Just laugh about it, there’s nothing else you can do about it.
    I sure hope you are feeling better soon!

  7. hi!! found you on the hop and following you now.
    Do drop by my blog when you can and be a friend on GFC too. thanks

  8. oh I’ve had the rainy milk happen but it was in my kitchen….LOL
    following from Boost My Blog Friday

  9. ROFL! I’d probably be just as embarrassed too. But hey, at least you didn’t cry over spilled milk. I know, bad joke.

  10. All I can say is that you were in Walmart, so I’m sure that was not the WORST thing to spew all over the floor that day…

  11. Oh no, this is totally something that would happen to me, too!! Sounds like you handled it so well and your husband was super sweet!!! Hope you feel better soon!

  12. I think WM must be used to it. Last summer-during the 4th of July meleeas usual the store is packed and you can barely move in the aisles. I went to place a gallon of Hawaiin Punch into my cart, and some old lady moved my cart out of HER way just as I let go of that big ol’ RED jug of stickiness….. We had a hawaiin punch geyeser. I actually burst into tears I was so embarrassed. I can laugh about it now – but sure couldn’t on that day!

  13. Too funny! Thanks for linking up for Footloose and Fancy Free:)

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