Happy Father’s Day

   Good Morning and Happy Father’s Day! Each year there is a day just for you. You get showered with gifts that some will never use and cards that will sit out for months, then there’s the gifts that you have to consciously force your smile because you love your kids or wife and really don’t want to hurt their feelings. There are the gifts the kids
made at school or daycare that they have been hiding from you that are either dead, falling apart or a macaroni creation of some sort that your wife will store away to drag out and make you cry when you are 60ish. At least that’s what goes down at our house. We make Sherman his cake of choice and plan for the dinner of his choice. We do things that make him happy, for us that’s deep cleaning and calm quiet house. I try not to swear like the sailor I usually am and I try my hardest to stay calm and not scream or rip any kids heads off. I try to make a conscious effort to give him extra kisses and a little more affection, it is after all his day! So to all you dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!
Happy Father’s Day
My Dad Loran

To my Dad, Loran,

   Happy Father’s Day! I know my visits to town are few and sadly far between and I apologize for that. I know it seems selfish, but as a Mom with 4 kids and my Husband is working full time plus going to school full time it not only makes for very little time but the budget is tight and we need to stretch every dollar we can to keep our family going. I love you so much and I appreciate all you have done for me and my family over the years. I apologize for all the shit I put you through as a teenager and young adult. I was acting out, maybe some of it was for attention, maybe it was due to my anger over the divorce or maybe my resentment over Mom leaving, I do not know, I was young and dumb and I apologize. I DO appreciate your tolerance over the years, I appreciate the fact that as a single Dad with a disability you worked your ass off to support us and provide us with every thing we wanted. I appreciate you teaching me about money and credit and how to make wise money decisions, thank you. I Love you and Happy Father’s day!
Happy Father’s Day
Grandpa Mitchell

To my Grandpa Mitchell,

   I know you are up there looking down and while you are not my Father, you are my Dad’s Father. You were also a part in raising me. As I stated above the same apology goes to you as well. I should not have been so disrespectful and mean. You were a good man and you helped raise us to the best of your ability. when you became ill I was not only young but I had 2 babies by then. I am sorry I was not around a lot to help Grandma with your care, but it broke my heart each time I walked in the living room. I was scared as hell and I felt guilty for everything I had ever done. It was very hard to see the Man that I grew up knowing to be such a tough guy with a strong work ethic, a loud voice, an Irish temper like no other and a tough persona that drove semi. After the funeral a lot of members of the family judged me for not helping out with your care and my aversion of the house for days to come, everyone judged me for getting drunk every night after your passing, but what they all didn’t know because it was none of their damn business and I didn’t have to prove shit to them is that we had already had our talk and our goodbye, twice. Once when you were still aware and responsive and again days before your passing. I know the second was more for me, but I hope you heard what I said. I always loved you Grandpa, i was just a shitty teenager with a rotten attitude and I am sorry!

Happy Father’s Day
Grandma & Grandpa Jeffrey

 To my Grandpa Jeffrey,

    Happy Father’s Day Grandpa Jeffrey, I love you so much! Though I do owe you an apology, it is more of a general blanket apology since I was never rotten to you, I am sure I would have been had you lived in town, but you didn’t. I only got to see you during visits and family functions and I did have enough sense not to mess one of those up, I didn’t need 30 plus some people to all be mad at me when we were hours from home and I was stuck with these people ahahahahaha! Grandpa I would like to thank you for teaching me all about woodworking and shop! My best grade for the whole year in 7th grade was shop! I’ll never forget the teachers shock when I already knew how to run all his tools, i knew how to sand, I knew how to use the saw, I knew how to stain the clock, that was the easiest class I ever took, what a breeze. Only 2 girls in the class and I am very proud to say i schooled them boys, I knew my shit! I would like to thank you for all those illegal driving lessons you gave me! Man I would trample everyone at the mention of going to the Lengby water pump! It was so fun to pull over at the lodge and without Grandma’s knowing jump up on your lap and steer the truck down the road and highway, through town and up the hill to the pump to fill the water jugs with ice cold drinking water! Thank you for teaching me about nature and the beauty of simple things. The calmness of the lake, the stillness of the trees, the chirping crickets at night. Thank You for those simple life lessons! I Love you Grandpa, Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day
Love of My Life Sherman

 To my Amazing Husband, Best Friend & Father to my children, Sherman

   Happy Father’s day honey, I love you SO much! I appreciate everything you do for me and the children. I am so thankful that you work so hard and take such good care of us! I am so appreciative of every little thing you do for us. I try to show my love and appreciation on a daily basis but I know sometimes I could do better to get that message through. I love that even though you work and go to school, you still take time to help me with the kids, the cooking the cleaning and everything else! Thank you for being you! I love you so very much and you truly are my best friend! I love you honey!
…..then theres all you, Happy Father’s Day to all my Dad readers, Enjoy your day!
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Happy Father’s Day

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