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  So I am trying something new. Last night was a tv night for my shows. I got a late start in watching due to Leslie’s baseball game. I decided to do this post because my shows had such a huge impact last night. They were dramatic, deep, intense, emotional and difficult. I teared up several times, I gasped and held my breath, I felt nervous, I felt angry, a plethora of emotions and feelings. Lets get started.
A&E Gene Simmons Family Jewels
episode: Breaking Up is Hard to do
   Yes, the episode title says it all. Not only was it the season premiere but it was an hour long and very tumultuous. The show starts with Gene Simmons stating his long time, live in girlfriend Shannon Tweed has packed her bags and moved out. Well that had me in shock from the start. Gene and Shannon have been together for roughly 25 years. Granted, he never married her due to his own issues but they were together just the same. They had 2 children Nick and Sophie who had recently left for college leaving Shannon with a severe case of empty nest and loneliness. You see Shannon help pack and move Sophie off to college sans Gene. You see Shannon with the classic parent move of crying while driving back home broken hearted. After the commercial break and a quick note stating 5 weeks had passed the kids come home for break and a delicious, quiet family dinner. Shannon greets them with hugs and smiles stating Gene should be home in a couple minutes and they will wait to eat. Show cuts to Gene having a business meeting a restaurant with 3 ladies and a potential business partner. Table full of food, details, drinks, toasts, laughing and flirting. Gene is photographed by paparazzi leaving the meeting arm in arm with 2 beautiful, young women with the classic rock on hand gesture and tongue wag. Back to Shannon and kids, still waiting, still very hungry deciding to give in and eat without Gene even commenting on his typical absence during a toast. After dinner Nick and Sophie kiss and hug Shannon and say goodbye, seeing the shot the viewer clearly notices it is night and late hours are implied. Shannon closes the door with a very heavy sigh. Cameras cut to Shannon in PJ’s getting into bed, once again alone, with no Gene. She plays with puppy, checks her phone and turns on her laptop only to find a TMZ picture taken from earlier in the night as Gene was leaving with the two ladies in his arms. Shannon mumbles something to the effect of instead of the kids. Tension, and heart break follow as Shannon closes her laptop and breaks down crying. The moment was so emotional you can literally feel her heartbreak, her pain, her loneliness. I broke down in tears. Suddenly you see the camera crew, sound tech and staff exit the room giving her some privacy. That was a huge statement, very respectful of her feeling. Very powerful. Of course the show continues on for the rest of the hour and in my opinion only getting worse and more stressful. At the close of the episode Shannon packs her bags and leaves in tears, clearly so upset and hurt she struggles to get the door open. End. If this episode is a sign of this seasons issues, I am sure I will be crying during every episode. A & E really captures and displays the emotion in such a raw and clear way you can’t help but be moved. I hope that through the season they are able to repair their relationship and issues, but I am scared this is only the beginning of the end and it breaks my heart! Here is the video, feel free to watch,

Discovery Channel Deadliest Catch
episode: Frontier Medicine
   Last nights episode starts with 30-40 foot seas, an arctic storm that is battering the fleet and kicking their ass! The camera crew tries to capture the danger, the cold, the wall of water that crashes down on top of them or smashes them in the face while slamming over the rail while the battered, sleep deprived crew attempt to pull or launch pots for the opilio crab season. Captain sig from F/V Northwestern opens show with stressful warnings and explanation of the hell the fleet is currently facing. It is mandatory these crews man up and work in this fierce weather in order to meet their unload date and make their money, they are all down to the wire and the storm just can’t stop the work. Coming back from commercial break a 35 foot wave nearly shatters the window in Sigs Wheelhouse at which point Sig calls the crew off deck and shuts down the crabbing work, it’s just to dangerous and lives are in serious dangerous. Later in show you, when the footage comes back to the Northwestern it explains the story of how Sig’s brother and deck boss Edgar has left the boat and took the season off, leaving an inexperienced Jake Anderson to run the hydros and crane in psychotic waters. It doesn’t take long for touch situations and a stressed Sig to kick Jake off the hydrosSeabrooke. They too are in horrible weather and they are caked with ice and getting very close to trouble. They need to break ice and dump pots immediately even though he is not at the desired area he had planned. The hard work begins. Ice is a constant battle forming due to freezing spray. Ice is heavy and is a captains nightmare. I think there will be a major upheaval from the graphic  explaining how ice buildup can sink a ship. Fisherman are VERY superstitious and I am sure they fear this is…well…I will not piss of the fishing world, I think you get it. Time Bandit finally shows up. The Hillstrand brothers are working through the storm and they are excited and watchful. With a new greenhorn this year there are lessons to be taught and experience to be shared. When suddenly a large wave hits and hurts Mike Fourtner, a very experienced crabber, luckily the Captains are able to keep their crew and fix them Mike up with suture strips. Andy is very calm and apologetic, a father like moment. During this craziness you also see Johnathan in a very rare moment, scared, you can see the fear in his eyes and it is intense. Viewers don’t see that side of Johnathan very often. He is very playful, often playing pranks and joking around, laying the law down when needed, never afraid to put his boot up a crewman’s ass if needed. All of a sudden the greenhorn is sick, oddly sick, they find out he has an abscess tooth and he is very sick. They call his dentist and set a course towards shore. He needs help! It was a very busy episode and throughout the show the drama continues! I came across the video and will share it here.

Discovery Channel After the Catch
  Immediately following Deadliest Catch starts After The Catch. A round table sit down with Captains and host Mike Rowe covering recent episodes and any drama, or unfinished business, Sort of a behind the scenes. This episode became pay per view worthy when co-owners of F/V Cornelia Marie try to explain the fall out with Captain Derrick Ray that ended in a horrible red and blur crab season leaving the owners in the hole, a broken crew that split and a Captain getting fired. First the Harris brothers try to explain what happened. The other Captains question them and try to explain to Jake and Josh that they were out of line, when suddenly the captain they fired, Derrick Ray comes into the room and the brawl begins. Josh Harris is angry, very angry and with tempers flaring all you can do is hope neither throw punches. Yes, that has been known to happen, we ARE talking about fisherman, Bering Sea crabbers at that, this is a rough and rowdy bunch of men who will throw down and not think twice, especially if they are a Captain! The Producer steps in and tries to cool the tempers but eventually the three men need to be separated and the show continues on.
     Like I said, my shows were intense. There was a ton of drama and I felt I should share with my readers. It is another way of getting to know me. These are some of my favorite shows and I hope you get a chance to view the videos! Until next time feel free to join my hop and spread the word! Thanks for stopping bu and Happy Hopping!


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  1. I watched that the other night as well, and just about went through a box of tissues. I hurt for Shannon and the kids, I couldn’t believe how Gene was in therapy. I will be watching this season diligently.
    Also just started following your blog,(more updates on show hopefully) from the hopping around I am doing this morning.
    Oh Craft it All!

  2. I don’t watch Family Jewels, but we religiously watch Deadliest Catch and After the Catch. I support clan Harris no matter what–call me prejudice, I guess.
    New follower! Check out my blog when you get the chance!

  3. Wow, I used to watch those same shows but now we don’t have cable. I guess I can always keep tabs on them with your posts! New GFC follower here via the Terrific Thursday Blog Hop. You can visit me at Thanks!”

  4. I watch the Today Show and The Talk. Greys Anatomy and Private Practice. Other than that I would rather read or blog of course.
    Following you via sit and relax blog hop. Already follow you on GFC. Stop by and follow however you like. I have another blog I set up yesterday. It is dedicated books, reviews and giveaways.

  5. I dont watch any of those here in Singapore, they are always edited, and way behind the US showing!
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  7. I feel like I haven’t watched TV in soooo long! And I’m boring. I usually just stick with the major networks. LOL Already a follower, so I ‘Liked” you on FB. Thanks for hosting the hop!

  8. I’ve never seen an episode of Family Jewels but I have to say when I saw the promo commercial I wondered if it was set up for ratings. I mean seriously, do they expect us to believe this behavior by Gene is something new and not something Shannon has turned a blind eye to for 25 years? She’s just now getting fed up with him? I don’t buy it but if she does leave him, better late than never Lol!
    Following you back from the hop. Thanks for summarizing the episode for me, you’ve got me curious. I might just tune in now and check it out.
    Oh yeah, I’m following you back

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