Helping Out Thor

  This evening I got a message on twitter. They were letting me know that comments are down on my blog, but that they are following me. Sweet,
I clicked over and realized I was already following her on twitter, so I clicked over on her blog and found that I wasn’t following, so I did and then started to reading some of her posts and realized that this was a very emotional blog. Thor started tugging on my heart strings and watching his video sealed the deal, I needed to help Thor and his mission, I need to donate, I need to spread the word, I need to beg my readers to at least stop by and check out Paws 4 Thor and what he needs. I started spreading the word on twitter, facebook and now my blog, next email! So here is a great way to explain what Paws 4 Thor is all about.

I know, wipe the tears, catch your breath, now please help! Whether you pass the info along, donate, lets all try to help in any way possible. In my opinion there is nothing scarier than the thought of your child gone missing! I can’t imagine the fear and the stress and that intense feeling. Thor needs his dog! Please stop by the blog and check it out!

Helping Out Thor

Now that I have shared a bit, please share with your friends as well! Thanks!


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Helping Out Thor


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  1. Sharing in every way I can. So happy to have found you on Wobble Over Wednesday (happi shopr)!

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