So I Was Channel Surfing…Classic Funny Clips

  As most of you know I am a night owl and love staying up late. Sherman and I were talking about it recently and I came to the realization we are exactly the same. He is an early bird that wakes up very early, even on the weekends, I am a night owl, staying up all hours of the night. We both do it for the same reason, peace and quiet! 

It’s my quiet time. I can relax and channel surf, read, snack, play games on the Internet etc. etc. no kids or husband just quiet. As a stay at home Mom I need this! Sherman does the same thing during his early mornings. He wakes around 3am during the work week and around 4 on the weekends. He can work on his homework, paperwork and bills while the kids and I are sleeping and with no interruptions. 

It’s nice to have this time! I usually have the tv on in the background no matter what I’m doing. I often come across some hilarious clips. Depending on whether I am watching cable or netflix, it depends whether it is unrated or not but I wanted to share some of my most recent gut busting roll on the floor laughing clips. I hope you enjoy!

That 70’s Show: Classic Hand Stuck In Vase

Roseanne: Pot Smoking Episode
Roseanne: Dad’s Dead Phone Call
The Cosby Show: Economics With Dad
The Cosby Show: Vanessa Sneaks Off to Baltimore


The Cosby Show: Vanessa & Jeremy Trouble
The Cosby Show: Day Of The Locusts

  I grew up watching Roseanne and The Cosby show and I still watch them daily! I love these shows and I try to learn different parenting tips from them. Between these two sitcoms and the many seasons they were on air they have covered just about all issues that come up in raising kids. I like to think that my parenting style would be a balanced combination of both TV Moms. 

I know some of the clips are long and some are not the best quality but they are some of my favorite clips and they make me laugh so hard! What are some of your favorite TV sitcoms growing up and now? Do you still watch them? Have you searched them on YouTube and watched them? 

I would love if you could share the link! Well I had better get to bed, Until next time enjoy the videos and I look forward to hearing your favorites, links and comments! Have a great Tuesday! ~Miranda~

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So I Was Channel Surfing…Classic Funny Clips

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  1. Great clips!! Thanks for the clock rewind! Loved those shows!
    Thanks for riding the train today. Now following so I don’t miss any of the good stuff.
    The Survival Mama

  2. That was a fun trip down memory lane, thanks!!!
    I’m now a GFC follower from the Mid Week Mingle blog hop. Hope you have a chance to check out my blog and maybe follow me back!!

  3. I love watching all the old shows I grew up with. I am so glad there are so many ways to be able to watch them.
    Thank you for partcipating in the Get Wired Blog Hop. I hope you have a great day! I am following you.

  4. What great memories that brought back. Love them all but the pot smoking one really makes me laugh!
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  5. I still love that 70’s show

  6. I love That 70’s Show – I miss it! New follower from The Middle Matters blog hop. Have a good Wednesday!

  7. Great memories! I love the Roseanne pot smoking one…too hilarious!
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  8. I love that 70’s show!
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  9. Oh – there is no show on earth like the Cosby show!!!! I love that show! Popping over from Time 4 Mommy

  10. I loved Roseanne and The Cosby Show from a kids point of view when I was growing up. Now when I watch from a parent’s point of view, it’s even funnier! These shows are the best!

  11. Oh I love to watch 80s sit coms! I watch them all the time!
    I am a new follower on the Blog Hop!
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